'Directly Cited' Video vs. Audio - Profit Discrepancy

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No real solutions offered here, mostly just wanted to highlight a discrepancy between how audio and video profit distribution is handled - in regards to group works.  I may have missed an answer to this somewhere but if not, I feel it should be addressed.

During a hitRECord house of Awesome retreat in Wales MA USA, the two resources attached had their starts.  

In the audio example, "Transitioning Blues", I took samples of recordings from a jam session, cut them up, and created a bigger piece when I got home.  AlmostSound plays guitar, and theserpenthecharmer as well as KevinMaistros sing a lil' backup.  I resourced these guys in my production. This made it onto the Space Episode ("Space, Its cool!")

In the video example (this is just one of 4), KevinMaistros recorded the aforementioned guys plus MeechactinglikeMeech and Robo_J for his "CTF Commentary" footage.  All of the guys were resourced by Kevin.  These were used in the Capture the Flag video on TV for the Games episode.

However, the profit outcomes were much different for these similar group works.

Based on my word for who-did-what in the audio (something that cannot be easily proven), AlmostSound, theserpenthecharmer, KevinMaistros, and myself received a split of the profit for "Transitioning Blues".  

For the Capture the Flag footage, due to the group recording policy, KevinMaistros is the only one who received a profit for the video. 


With this text record, I simply wanted to highlight the facts as they've been presented to me.  Hopefully, this gets us talking about an issue that will  become increasingly relevant as hitRECorders continue to meet and create different artforms together in person.




Created: Apr 11, 2014


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