Re: Decline and/or adaptation

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I'd like to see HitRECord tackle the theme of decline and how life continues despite it. Perhaps decline isn't exactly the best word for it, but this aging and maturing is sort of happening all around us. As things get older, they naturally change and we're not really in control of many of those changes. Our bodies do that; we get wrinkles, our asses aren't adolescent asses anymore, and our physiological needs differ. Our ideas change over time as we experience loss or hardship and we become more or less reckless, religious, or optimistic. I guess I'd like to see some work around how life changes as that happens, and how people, things, and nature find ways to redefine or work around in the face of it. We could talk about biological adaptations of humans or other living beings. Maybe because I live pretty close to Detroit or because Michigan in general has become really transformed by the loss of manufacturing jobs in the course of my lifetime, I'm kind of fascinated with urban blight and how people in blighted communities continue to survive and function or find hope in the face of it. It's a sad and pretty inspiring topic. Ultimately, I think it can be a really hopeful subject, but honest, too, and something we don't talk about a lot. 

Created: Apr 11, 2014


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