The monster inside me (Poem #3)

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I know it's in there

I don't know what it is

why it's there

how it came to be

I'm curious 

but also terrified 

I can't control it

or understand it

or resist it

I am not the moster

the monster isn't me

but I can't conceal it

those who surround me can see it

they won't ever undertsand it

and when it takes control

I can't keep them from it

and they think the monster is me

I feel like the monster

that plauges my every thought 

 that won't ever let me be free 

from the boring reality

everyone else can escape 

I wish it would let me be

but it won't

it won't leave

it won't back down

and it will never be fully known 

by anyone

because it hides in the darkest part of me

that I'm to afraid to show 




Created: Apr 11, 2014


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