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Feeling can be quite interesting to put on with because everything evolves around us brings to different feelings.


Commons one can think of is feeling in love, depress, stress... etc. But is not just it. 



Do anyone actually encounter a person that does not have much of feeling of anything he/she does? I encounter such person and I find it interesting... 

Does anyone actually take note on how do you feel daily? My friend does, she symbol it with different color pens on her pocket (laboratory coat) 

I know artist needs to have idea but to draw an art out, but feeling does play a role

The feeling after achieve something

The feeling by just clicking "purchase" with a mouse 

Feeling failure

Feeling nervous

Feeling what next..

misunderstanding of feelings

mutual feeling

The feeling when you did not meet your parents expectation

fantasizing in order to get a feeling you wanted but reality is completely different that, you just want to stay fantasizing in the way that give you the feeling u want.. (not psycological illness) 

My friend often fantasizing about she and her partner will be like this, but reality it isn't and affects her feeling...

I can't describe how I feel about feelings in words.. Just those different examples that seems to be  non related but they are actually related. Sounds complicated huh? 


I personally don't think feelings are being subject to love, hatred, stress, judge, satisfaction


I know that feelings affect your emotions, lifestyle, mood, appetite etc...


One example ( i hope i was able to give the right description)

As a researcher

Everyday I go to lab with the hope, i can solve this puzzle, fantasizing how would i feels when the results is what I proposed in hypothesis..

It motivate me to wake up early, stay in the lab including working on weekends...

When things doesn't work, I feel sad, I questioned myself, where went wrong ( sometimes i start to fantasizing the feeling)

Finally solve the issue, everything go so smooth, research went well, all of the sudden, I was suppose to feel happy but then I became skeptical.. I was feeling, is it right?? was those false results? The weird feeling when your research suddenly went so well that U feel there a catch...  Then when finished, you question, what next? is this it? was is true? is it not a false result... 


Those feelings are interesting..


This feeling is like a mixed combination of feeling ike filling up the baloon with hydrogen gas (1 gas = 1 feeling) that the baloon keep expanding but bits of me feeling something might went wrong ( hydrogen gas is stable but not very stable maybe there is an oxygen gas in it)  and the baloon it can burst if it keeps expanding.. Like my feeling, flat baloon, doesn't rise then filled with hydrogen gas, another gas turn in, it grows but one mistake, can burst things up.. * 


I hope I describe well.


I hope this can bring a great episode based on contribution of different people cause no one feels the same. 



Created: Apr 11, 2014

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