You Know You're A HitRECorder When...

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You rush out of the shower to your laptop, not really having the time to write anything down as work calls, but you have to do so because well, you're a hitrecorder and sometimes there is stuff that you just have to get off your chest...

You start swearing at your laptop because it has shutdown on its own accord - windows fucking updates. Who gave computers the right to think for themselves?

You continue to fill up your swear jar as a result of your Word page opening but then immediately freezing. Still, you have this little beautiful vignette in your head, and it needs to escape!

You open up your hotmail and type up an email draft frantically, saving it almost as you are running out the door.


I really should have just hit record. I thought I'd let it sit for a while, and see if life cooked anything else up, but some things are perfect just the way they are.  

Created: Apr 11, 2014


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