SFAFF Synopsis: Emmanuel et Emily

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Film: Emmanuel et Emily

Released: October, 2001



The 18 year-old Emmanuel (Guillaume Henri) and his girlfriend Emily (Nathalie Gérard) have to leave the Saint-Luke’s Home for Disabled Children where they were staying since their childhood because their mum’s couldn’t deal with their children’s Gilles de la Tourette’s Syndrome. With only a name, a postcard, their syndrome and the help of truckdriver Jacques (André Hervé), boatsman Timur (Sandor Oguz) and professional criminal Dimitri (Christos Otis) the leave for their life-changing journey from Lille (France) to Athens (Greece). In this colorful, uncompromising coming-of-age roadtrip, César Awardwinning director François Gilles, explores cultural differences and family values.



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