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You're on in...3...2...1...

Actually, I'm always on...The world is my stage. And I'm putting on the performance of a lifetime. Can't tell? That must mean I'm doing it right. ;) 

Performances can be art, function, accomplishment, display of emotions, effectiveness

Stage productions...Actors perform in plays, movies, TV shows, etc. Performances are their professions.

And it's all about performance. We rate performances...We review these presentations of art based on how well someone does something or made something.

A performance can make or break your career....Not just actors'/actresses', either. You have to have good job performance or you'll lose your job. You had to perform well enough in school to get to achieve further education.   

So, there are: 

Stage performances

Performance art

Job performances

Performance enhancers

We expect our household items to perform correctly.

We want our companions well. *blush*  

A lot of times, we have to perform under pressure. Ever heard of stage fright? It can add or take away from the performance, depending on the performer's talent.

Have you ever performed in front of an audience? What goes through your mind when you're performing? 


Created: Apr 10, 2014

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