Theme: The Puberty Blues & Beyond Blue

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This has possibly been the biggest theme of my life, so I thought I would throw it in here for possible discussion. Feel free to add your talking points to this major life theme that gets thrown at all of us.


The puberty blues affect everyone. Right? Is there anyone who didn't go through some depression?

We lose much of our childish free happiness as we journey through our teenage years. Can we recover this? When can we recover this (how long after puberty)? How much of our previously 'happy' default state can we return to as adults?

The affects (or is that effects? always get them around the wrong way! Another theme? lol) of our adult hormones, which generally centre around testosterone and estrogen: the positive and negative connotations that come with these unstoppable forces entering our bodies.

Other changes that take place with our bodies during our pubescent journey.

Default state of high happiness (well not for all, but most) as children vs. the potential for even greater fleeting moments of happiness as adults (though the requiring to be loved by another to reach such epic heights), but a less happy default emotional state. Personally I much prefer adulthood as I believe it to be significantly more meaningful.

Created: Apr 10, 2014

Tags: sadness, estrogen, happiness, blues, testosterone, puberty

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