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Hi everyone,

As we discussed in THIS VIDEO, we will be posting replies to the community's Profit Proposal feedback for each episode of HITRECORD ON TV. The community will then have one week to review our replies and include any additional feedback. After this additional round of feedback has concluded, we will post Final Profits. In some instances feedback was already replied to in the original threads or in separate text records.




Please provide any additional feedback on the replies below by Thursday, April 17th - thanks!


HITRECORD ON TV / RE: Money / Profit Proposals --- Profit Doc HERE

graoww: hey I was just wondering if you thought of another way of sending the profit than paychecks (like paypal or I don't know what internet thing)
I'm just asking cause as Euro user, a quater of the last paycheck you send went to my bank :/ and even if we don't do all this cool episodes for money I'm kind of sad that it's neither of us that get this money in the end.

-> @graoww: Regarding payment, as of now we only send out checks. They are scheduled to be sent out in June. In fact, we'll be posting a new video today all about Payment Info, etc. so be on the lookout for it. Hope that helps clarify in the meantime!


HITRECORD ON TV / Act 1 / RE: Money / Profit Proposals --- Profit Doc HERE

joerud: Hey there. Just a question regarding the Money Tree profits in comparison to other songs. humunkulus is assigned two separate credits with a total of 27.91% of the profits - appropriately songwriter and performer. But this isn't consistent with other projects including Adieu, in which I was only assigned 'Lead Musician' and 'Lyrics' (Lyrics being given only 3.15% of the cut ??). So, reiterating my comment on Adieu's proposal, I don't believe my [12.58% + 3.15%] is a fair representation of my work as a songwriter. Humunkulus' 27.91% I would consider fair. These are *music* videos after all. Thanks guys.

-> @joerud: Hi, thanks for the remark. We did post a reply on the ‘RE: The Other Side’ Feedback doc which proposed revisions for ‘Adieu.’  In the case of “Money Tree,” it should be noted that humunkulus’ “Lead Musician” credit is for a Live Performance. Additionally, we always strive to keep percentages for certain roles in productions as consistent as possible, but each production is going to be unique. “Adieu” had many more visual contributions than “Money Tree,” therefore the percentages will be spread across many more records and percentages for similar roles will be different in each.


jehuGarcia: I see one of my shots at 4:53, but no credit in the spreadsheet, shot in question can be found on my record "hitRECord On TV: Live Venue Shoot (Masonic Lodge #2)" at 12:03

-> @jehuGarcia: Thanks for pointing this resource out! We will add it to the Final Profits.


epocadofim: I have to admit, I'm still a bit confounded by the percentages that some music tracks, (particularly those in the opening monologues and titles) seem to be getting. it just confuses me because they seem high even when compared to music tracks in featured song segments, getting comparable or higher percentages even though their focus in the piece is much less central. Now, perhaps some of this is due to the fact that in featured song segments, song writers are often lead musicians as well, obtaining a larger total share, but that's just me guessing (here comparing the money tree to the opening, for example) and I'd prefer to ask why the decisions seem to be being made this way rather than just assume. As such, I guess I'm not really making a suggestion for a change here as much as just asking for a bit of clarification and insight. Thanks!

-> @epocadofim: Thanks for the feedback on this. After review, we do feel that the Audio Records that play during the Opening Monologues have been allocated too much, especially since some of these records also play during the End Credits of the show and receive additional percentages there. These adjustments will be made across all 8 episodes. Thanks again for your comment.


HITRECORD ON TV / Act 2 / RE: Money / Profit Proposals --- Profit Doc HERE

scriptsoup: Hi, there is a fast-cut sequence at 10:36; I have been credited with one video image here (Money Bumper Credit Cards), but I think that a few frames of another video I provided (Money Bumper Coins) have also been used.

-> @scriptsoup: That additional resource will be added to the Final Credits. Thanks!


epocadofim: Okay, I'm just saying this for consistency, but on principal I think I would normally deserve credit/share for being the performer in KevinMaistros video "Re:MONEY - TAP!" (1453776) used in this act's bumper, and I still think I deserve credit, even in this case, but I also think that Kevin has earned and deserved all of that slightly less than a buck fifty in this case. Just trying to stand by the comments I've made elsewhere, cause, you know, consistency.

-> @epocadofim: Hi, the way that we credited and resourced every record of Season 1 is consistent with how we have done Profits in the past. It has been our policy that if a record is used in a monetized production, the user who uploaded it is credited and their record is included in the Profit Proposals. It is then the responsibility of that user to distribute profits amongst anyone they collaborated with to create the record.

We understand that this system is not perfect, but we feel it is the most fair. We are open to figuring out how to solve this issue. As of now, we also do not have a way of validating the accuracy of credits. Furthermore, it is a rather broad issue, as it touches upon legal, financial, and technology categories. We encourage the community to come up with some feasible ideas and contribute them to the “RE: Season 2 Production collab” here: http://www.hitrecord.org/collaborations/8603


soellenell: this might not be about much money but in my record: A Chicken is a Chicken - full cut is my record in A chicken is a chicken-intro , in the third window there arehttp://www.hitrecord.org/records/1466638 and record called ChickenDance that I think is hidden now becuse I can't find it, that is Showing that I cut into my record.
Also the audio for A chicken is a chicken is a chicken-intro gets 85.85% and that is alot if you compare to other intros, when I did compare I fund that in the Political Action 2-intro the Audio got 87.1% and in then Two palyer game-intro the Video got 26.09% for the same time in frame as for exaple my record in this intro or the video records in Political Action 2-intro and we got less than 1%. my point is that you are very irregular when it comes to spliting the intros, change it!
Tanks :).

-> @soellenell: 1) Thanks for pointing these out. We can add 1466638 and resource your Profile Photo (1461277) to represent the record that is no longer on the site.
2) The percentage scales of records in the Intros are consistent in each episode. For instance, background visuals are all scaled equally, as are audio records and any other elements (like Skype calls.) The resulting percentages will be unique for each Intro, however, based on the number of contributions - and the types they are. For instance, because the “Two Player Game Intro” contained audio VO examples, those weighed heavier in the intro than, say, small thumbnail images from a collaboration screenshot. The percentage scale of the song in the “Two Player Game Intro” is equivalent to that in “A Chicken is a Chicken,” but it receives more in “A Chicken is a Chicken Intro” because the majority of resources are background visuals, which are of a smaller scale.


Traeidein: Hi! Thanks for all the time and hard work put into this. Just one question (and this is more contribution-wise). I was wondering in the audio records for "A chicken is a chicken" why some artists were credited with more of a contribution than others (percentage-wise). I was guessing that it was either because their parts were more in the foreground, or their instruments were more principal instruments than others, but I wasn't sure. Thanks!

-> @Traeidein: Thanks for your question. The instrument percentages are based on the prominence of each record within the production. Hope that helps clarify!


2wonder: This is not such a big deal since it's not a main character but for the purpose of details and percentage consistency. For chicken is a chicken segment (1540683)... my market stands were used and resource (Thank you very much). On my record, two of my market stands were used on the final cut. on 1:22 and the other on 2:10. But they were only given % that seems to be for just one stand.
Also for the purpose of being fair, I believe some of the resources that were given credit on the proposal were not actually used on the final cut. I think that it would be greatly unfair for those that contributed to the collab and work hard but their records were not included if some of the resources were credited
but were not used. I think maybe some of the resources were listed because the hr profit listing system automatically added them because they were part of some of the market stands made but were not all on the final cut. I think that those percentages should be given to the animator or split it with all of the segment contributors.

-> @2wonder: 1) Hi, thanks for clarifying. We agree, and will increase the percentage on 1540683 in the Final Profits.
2) Regarding image resources in the episode, records were included based on how they were resourced. The resourcing is all done by hand and is not automated, and we felt the fairest way to resource each market stand was to include any records within their resource bins. We felt this was the fairest way to proceed in this case.


MindAtPeace: My video record was used at 10.42 in this episode but I don't see my name in the profit proposals. Any clarification would be great. Thanks! Here's the link: http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1384825

-> @MindAtPeace:
Hi, we will add that resource to the Final Profits. Thanks!


HITRECORD ON TV / Act 3+4 / RE: Money / Profit Proposals --- Profit Doc HERE

spaceship: I notice that the proposal for "Weep For the King" seems a bit too tiny a payout for my liking. The percentages seem fair, but if the total could be increased, that would seem a bit more fair to those involved.

-> @spaceship: Hi, thanks for the feedback. We reviewed this and feel it is consistent with the other productions that appeared in the :30 spots during the commercial breaks. Throughout the season, this part of each episode was given 1.5% of the episode, like KaliBali’s “Profiling” in ‘RE: The Other Side.’ However, because “Weep For the King” felt like it weighed heavier in this episode, we did increase the percentage in this case to 2.25%. We feel that is a fair allocation and is in line with the percentages for other episodes.

Created: Apr 10, 2014

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