A Complete and Utter Waste

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A Complete and Utter Waste, released April 16, 2010

Adam Bates is a inauspicious man who has lived his life with a measure of cautiousness that has kept him from experiencing a great deal. His daily routine consists mainly of his work as a Claims Adjuster for a large insurance agency where he looks at the world through a lense of danger and eventual destruction, but when he turns 30 and realizes that he has kept himself from living life at all he decides to make some drastic changes. He quits his job to seeks help from his younger brother, an adventerous ectasy popping hippie, to aide him in seeking out a grand adventure and living the life he thought he never could. Adam finds himself swept up in a drug fueled odyssey that drags him from his secure suburban condo to the desert of Nevada to the Burning Man Festival looking for the spark of life that has to this point eluded him while appreciating the wide wierd world that surrounds him.

Created: Apr 10, 2014

Tags: story, fiction, request

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