Misplaced - S2TI Collab

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This is one that could go in so many directions, from misplaced objects, to misplaced feelings (I used to claim when having trouble finding my way somewhere, that I was not 'lost', mereley temporarily 'misplaced')


An idea I have been playing with recently, but not yet developed (as with so many things with me - perhaps there could be an episode on ADD! ;P - which I actually have...and due to a lack of money have been unable to see specialist & get prescription - anyone notice the somewhat disjointed 'feel' to my posts of late??! :/)

But the idea was MISPLACED SOULS some trauma, a crash, well 2 occuring at exact same time in different places to be precise, results in confusion, and 2 people, who were not meant to die yet, both temporarily die, in their rush to put things right the angels (or whoever) inadvertently 'replace' or rather 'misplace' the souls into the wrong bodies, where they suddenly find themselves stuck in another life, knowing it is not theirs, and the story would follow their trying to 1) find out what happened and 2) finding a way back into their rightful body and life



Created: Apr 10, 2014

Tags: soul, remix, mistake, theme, afterlife, request, misplaced

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