Illusions (Season 2 Theme Ideas)

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Opening Monologue
--optical illusions; magic trick illusions; all storytelling is creating an illusion; the world we see us just an illusion constructed by out brains (which is why optical illusions work).

--our own HR-designed optical/audio illusions.

Short Films
--FX:Murder By (Optical) Illusion.
--could deffo make a cool & creepy magician/conjuror story/animation.
--Dabbit (a duck:rabbit illusion has identity issues and sets off to find its place in the world)

--the McGurk Effect (Google it, it's awesome)
--Short History Of Illusions

--what does the work illusion mean to you?

--could we use the McGurk Effect in a song to create something special?

Created: Apr 10, 2014

Tags: illusions, theme, mcgurk, tv

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