An Underlying Fragility (Poem Every Day 9)

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April 9, 2014 Prompt: Fragility


I was right.


There, that moment

I sat

Silent and steaming.


I looked inside

That place like hate,

About feeling



Then the voice says

“Be deeply grateful”



And I think

“Picture change”


“The same thought

Was your own devil,

A theology

In your mind

That crosses you

All the time

In relationship.


Lied to all the time…


Who else are those ideas coming from?

Read from reason

And educate that devil

Of his schemes."


The enlightened approach

Psychological trouble and kill even

A passing thought

Of poor bent satan.


When we are praying to lie again

We really see a fallout

In brutal assault on your own wounds.

The image reflected in you

Enrages demons behind the scenes


Believe behind the scenes.


Most scenes share

Shepherds, wise animals and an angel or two

And the supernatural mood

Of pastoral atmosphere.


The intimate, silent night

Is very deceiving.

Created: Apr 10, 2014

Tags: the devil in your mind, blackout poetry, poetry, devils and angels, inner demons, frigility, poem every day

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