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This past Saturday I was waiting on my last model for my last session of an eight hour studio block. I'm not entirely certain what happened, but my soft box and beauty dish were set at the minimum, my back fill light had been tested... my battery was dying, but I didn't think it would matter. After just two or three fast shots (including a test to make sure the slave was working on my Nikon), my battery died. I pulled my backup off the charger and popped it in, replacing it in the charger with the spent battery. 

No dice. The battery charger was dead. No new battery. No old battery. This blurry, over exposed image is one of the only things I kept from my time with this model. I shot a few great follow up shots with my iPhone, but that's not what I was looking for. 

When I got home and loaded everything I realized I could salvage this. I bottomed out my exposure slider in Lightroom and tweaked the color just a bit and called it good enough. 

It's not an image I'm proud of, but I am proud of my diligence in trying to save it. 

Created: Apr 10, 2014

Tags: lighting, portrait, exposure, photography, everything goes wrong sometimes, photograph, over exposed, fail

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