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The First Recorder's

-The First Photographs;

Black and White Photo montage to a voice over about the importance of history. "Those who don't learn form history are bound to repeat it."

-The First Moving Pictures;

A Silent Movie showing that even old, but different things can still be relavent and entertaining.

-The First Recorded Sounds;

A skit about the joys of old records. Maybe Grandad is reminiscing as he listens to one; or maybe some kid of the future discovers a forgotten style of music on an old record he finds.

-The First Movies and TV shows;

A sitcom/drama/comdey "Tevlivison style" production. Or a cinimatic style "Movie" could be showcased. 

I really like Gaby's idea of decades of television, but why not take it further? Being able to HitRECord is all about expression; individually and collectively, right? Let's give a voice to all the Recorder's before us by paying homage to their mediums and styles.

I think this would make a great episode and give HitRECord a sense of history and roots as well as a sense of being the next evolutionary step in that chain. 

Created: Apr 10, 2014

Tags: history, records, recorder's, season 2, first recorder's

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