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So I met this boy on a greyhound bus. Him in the aisle seat, me by the window. He had the saddest eyes and the brightest smile. His eyes carried so much weight. He hadn't been to school since the 6th grade. We grew up in the same city, about the same age, but lived world's apart. We met on the bus and talked. In some silent moments, I used a business card in my purse to write down some words. He asked if he could read what I was writing. I'm sure he knew it was about him. There was so much genuinity in our sharing of space. I never did know his name. He didn't know mine.  I kept the words I wrote and just recently put them to music. If I were to give him a name, it would sound something like this song. He was so soft and gentle and yet carried so much weight.

Half a world away
but I feel you
And I don't know your name
but I know you
And I can't feel your pain
but I feel you.
Eyes like gold
beauty the sea

Created: Apr 10, 2014


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