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RE: Emotions:  I wrote this idea a few days ago in a text with multiple theme ideas, so here goes --

*This theme could easily be split into different episodes, but you could also just focus on 4-5 big ones for a TV episode: Mad, Sad, Glad, Scared, (Ashamed)

*Emotions collabs - Would be really cool if the bumpers came out of these collabs, and could each have a different song to coincide with the mood of each bumper. For example, if someone’s angry, throwing stuff around the room, or just straight-up steaming, you could have ‘Why you so mad?’ playing to set the tone.

*sociopathic behavior or autism —> other personality or disorder where the individual either has a heightened sense of others’ emotions or a lowered sense of others' emotions.

*I'd love to hear from someone can control their own emotions...which is something I am completely unfamiliar with.

*I recently became aware of the fact that couples who have been together for many years start to look alike, because they are constantly empathizing with their partner.  When you empathize and try to portray a similar emotion to someone you spend a lot of time with, your face contorts into a similar shape...over time it becomes engrained in your body thru muscle memory & age.  I think that is interesting :)


*genetics: are some people prone to show more anger, sadness, fear, etc. Using myself as an example, my mother is extremely emotional about happy things. She cries if she sees a commercial that tugs at her heart strings. I have found that i am exactly the same way. On the other hand, my father can get extremely angry. He flies off the handle at just about anything. Unfortunately, I also do this. Was it genetically passed down? Was it something I learned from watching them and emulated to the point that it has become muscle memory? I don’t know.  Why are some people just more emotional than others?

Created: Apr 09, 2014

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