We’re All Waiting (Poem-a-day #8)

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Muttered voices.
Distant noises.
Hushed tones
I can’t make out.
The sound of laughter.
The sound of tears.
Mixed emotions I know all to well
And so little about.
See, these are strangers;
People I don’t know are
Living lives of the familiar and unknown.
And for a brief while,
I’m a part of their worlds,
Because I’m here with them,
Even if I’m not really here for them.
And it’s here we are together,
Just as we are alone,
Unrelated and related,
Lost in our frustrations,
Connected by hope.

Created: Apr 09, 2014

Tags: frustrations, familiar, distant, waiting, rosellaweigand, people, hope, strangers, connected, together, noises, poem-a-day, room, poetry, voices, poem, alone, unknown

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