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I have always had a strong bond with my family. I have an innate ability to know when something has gone wrong whether it be illness, injury, and sometimes death. It can be a terrible burden if there is nothing you can do to ease their pain and suffering. The problem now is that during the first weeks of March, I experienced this for someone outside my family.

It started with cold that seemed to linger long after I was better. A cough that would resound in my chest even though there had been no hack to escape my lips. But soon the symptoms disappearred to be replaced by experience like none before.

I had been a little unnerved, anxious maybe, after lunch when it happened. I felt like we were synchronistically experiencing that moment. I was sitting at my desk when it seemed as though was falling, pushed I'm not sure; the back of my head erupted with pain, right shoulder out of joint. Moments later I felt it go back in but I was still sitting at my desk. I frantically went for my cell phone to realise it had been left it home. I called my sister but got her voicemail. She returned my call later just as puzzled to who it could have been. My immediate family had no such trauma; later on Facebook, I checked and no extended family member or friend had experienced such an injury. My shoulder and head mildly ached for days after; I tried to compensate by using my left arm but it was soon more sore than the right.

I still am uncertain to who my empathy was for: any Jane or Sally, some Tom, Dick, or Harry. I thing I know for sure is that I am tied to this person somehow and that we seem to be getting closer every passing day.

Created: Apr 09, 2014

Tags: non-fiction, story

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