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*Good kind of lost (lost in your imagination, lost in thought, lost in nature, lost in adventure) vs. bad kind of lost (lost in the world, lost at sea, lost in the woods and there’s a big scary bear chasing you…)

*‘I’m lost without you’, ‘All’s not lost’, ‘Don’t lose your cool’, and other cliches

*Losing it - your temper, your cool, control? (have you ever done it? What did it feel like to just let it all go and give in to the rage?) Losing sleep? What do you lose sleep over?

*I Lose Sleep Dreaming

*Seriously and sadly losing someone: to addiction, agoraphobia, hoarding, depression, and other disorders

*Lost artifacts & people — that have been lost and NEVER resurfaced or that resurfaced WAY late. (i.e. Amelia Earhart, The Lindbergh baby, Jimmy Hoffa)

*Lost at sea, as in drowned — like the Titanic, other boats, planes.

*Love that has been lost - Lost Objects: Boy/Girl

*They say that if you don’t use it, you lose it. Is that true? What you’ve learned in school, learning another language…

*Losing your memory - amnesia, alzheimers, dementia.

Created: Apr 09, 2014

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