Season 2 Theme: leftovers

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There are leftovers of all sorts. Refuse abounds on our planet-not just food (though that is a big and important one to think about), but we have leftover thoughts, feelings, crayon pieces, dental floss, paper towels, extra parts (when we don't read directions), memories, sawdust, bread crust, scrap fabric.

The concept of up cycling is a popular one of late, and use of leftover materials to make something new is a wonderful way of making use of leftovers.

Leftover feelings and thoughts are also a possibility with this theme.  When I have a conversation, there is almost always something else I meant to/should have said or realized later.  Sometimes I find myself feeling differently about something after I've experienced it.  Sometimes I can't let my feelings go when I need to.  Sometimes that means leftover anger, guilt, fear, numbness (when someone dies).  Sometimes I keep thinking about something funny,and then have  leftover thoughts and laugh at an inappropriate time.  

The word leftover has so many possibilities.

Created: Apr 09, 2014

Tags: leftovers, s2 theme

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