A Romanian tale of the fisherman in the fish

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When I have first seen the original clip for Swimming, I was reminded of the biblical myth of the fisherman swallowed by the fish. In the Romanian literature, a writer (Marin Sorescu) wrote a short play called Iona (pronnounced: ee-oh-nah) which is based on that myth and it features the fisherman swallowed by a fish, which is swallowed by another one and another one, like a Russian doll. And when he figures it out, he starts cutting through the fish to try and escape. 

As it has not been translated into English, I have picked a bit out if and translated it myself and tried to perform it. I hate seeing myself on camera, so I only did the audio. If it's mandatory that I should put a video, I will.

here is the text:

INT. Fish belly. Dark.

"Is it just me, or is it quite late?

When did the time pass? Somehow, it starts to feel late in...me. And it's already dark outside...how? 

Okay, if I close, one eye, I will no longer see the lights that are still on, the slippers next to my bed,

the hanger, the paintings. All the rest of the chores that had to be done and everything beyond the stars is gone.

When I left, I made sure that in great sorrow, the universe should be given to our world for granted."

(trying to fall asleep)

"I'm not even that sleepy though. Why am I even going to bed? and why does everyone must go to sleep at the end of their lives?"

(to himself)

"Go on, put your head down!"

(epiphany, lights go on)

"That's it! THE FISH! It's the fish, it's the fish!"

(freaking out)

"I'm swallowed up! All of me?! (checks himself) All of me...Well, as long as I can tell...I can walk, see, I can go there and I can...go here. I can do whatever I want! I can still speak, too...which is good. Let's see if I can shut up...try to keep my mouth shut."

(comes to peace with the situation)

"I'm not even scared."

Created: Apr 08, 2014

Tags: swimming, voiceover, translated, story, collab, performed, romanian

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