Branded by NO

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I love you, you love me not
Always working hard but others getting renowned
I think someone's cute, they think I'm awful.
I give my all and ask for nothing in return.
And guess what? I get nothing in return.
I think you're smart and bright, you think I'm dull and gloomy.
I give my best to create but getting a single approval it's a distant miracle.
I try to be good... In return people are just plain rude.
I dream and long for you but it just feels like it's for too long.
I dedicate the most time to drudgery but others get the reward.
I always start the race first row but finish last.
I say yes and and hear an astounding NO
When I say hello, people around me glance goodbye in their eyes.

Well, I guess I'm branded by NO

Created: Apr 08, 2014

Tags: poetry

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