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Water is the source of all life on our planet.  When we look into space, we're most interested in finding water.  "Is there water up there?  Is that ice?  Did that planet once have water?"  We need water to survive.  It's the second requirement we need, only after air.  We are born in water, and are still made mostly of it.  Our largest cities are generally built up around bodies of water.  We not only drink it, we like to play in it, swim in it, even just sit and look at it.  We try to forcast when it will rain, partially because water is also a very destructive force.  I watched a documentary once that said flash floods are the most destructive natural force on Earth.  Water can wipe out those same cities we build beside it.  Most of the planet is covered by water, and many creatures still live within it.  There's a lot we can do with water.  And now I'm thirsty.

Created: Apr 08, 2014

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