Rough morning.

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You ever have a day where you feel sick? You get out of bed and immediately your brain assaults you with remorse. You can’t eat breakfast, you forget about the coffee you just brewed. You try to stay focused on shifting your mood, but it all gets swept away when you think about what happened yesterday. You can’t ignore it. You feel like everyone knows but you never wanted them to. You bite into your sandwich and your stomach revolts, as if to say “How can you eat at a time like this?” So instead you pull the milk out of the fridge and fill your mug with caffeine. But now, the clock says you are in danger of being late to work! Instead of enjoying the coffee, you take two gulps and leave it on the counter. You begin changing clothes as quickly as possible. Downstairs you find your shoes and become acutely aware of how loud your foot-falls are. So as to not wake the person sleeping on your couch, you heel-toe out the door and into the chill morning air. You get in your piece of crap Nissan and try not to inhale too much gasoline vapour wafting in from the intake. My stomach feels like acid and my head is drowning in my thoughts.

I hate today.

Created: Apr 08, 2014

Tags: coffee, writing, morning, remorse

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