THEME IDEA: Food for thought

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Food & Thought

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner



Food has an amazing effect on us. It can turn moods around, become a pivotal source of certain specific memories, can be part of our identities and cultures and has the power to connect people through meals together or from merely just having the same favourite foods.

Food is sensory. It is visual, from the colours of our garden veggies to the contours and indentations in french patisserie. It is fragrant, sometimes pungent - and smell is important, especially in our memories. It has sound, like the crunch of a freshly-baked cookie, the sound of melting butter on a sizling pan.

Just as we associate many aspects of ourselves and of our lives with specific dishes, we can also consider the meals we have at different times of the day. Plus, there's always that one meal of the day we enjoy the most. Perhaps because the company we will be in or the foods we'll get to eat (ice cream waffles - the only way to eat ice cream for breakfast for example) These meals are not limited to REAL food, for example supper could be a metaphor for the last thoughts you feed yourself with before you sleep. These meals could represent many things, any thing you can imagine them to be.

I'm sure we all love food too, so this could be a fun theme to explore!

Created: Apr 08, 2014

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