Under Stars

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     I walked alone in the grassy field, the grass was beginning to form dew in the earliest hours of the morning. It was soft and wet beneath my bare feet. I looked up at the black night sky above me the moon and stars were hidden behind dark clouds it was so dark I knew that if I were to wave my hand in front of my face I would have to strain my eyes to see my own palm. The blackness was heavy, thick, I could feel it like a barrier between me and the stars overhead. I longed to see the night sky because I knew if I saw the sky tonight, I would see her again. It was with that thought I ushered myself forward into the blackness towards where I knew a hill stood. Sure enough I felt my toes brush the base of the hill. I smiled and said to myself.
            “Yes, I am almost there.”
       My feet dug into the sleek watery grass as I ascended the steep hill, slipping slightly I extend one of my hands before me catching myself. I chuckled softly, No hill would stop me from seeing those stars, for those stars were her. Those stars was my beloved, something beyond comprehension, beyond reason. She called out from beyond the clouds, a promise. A Faint glow peaked through the clouds, like eyes slowly opening. My grin widened and I headed my sirens call. As I arrived at the apex of the hill I stared at the two small shimmering eyes above. One shown the purest bright white the other a faint red glowed, the eyes of my dearest. I smiled and whispered as I gazed longingly into her eyes.
             “Astrea, your eyes are lovely tonight.”
       The clouds parted, as a crescent moon showed itself. It was her smile, her true loving smile. The clouds rushed apart away to the west and east till nothing stood before me and my one true love, The goddess who had stolen my heart the moment I laid eyes upon her. I knew not what she saw in me, but I knew one thing. If that smile said anything it was that I, me for one time in this life was loved. Loved in the way we all want to be loved. Accepted? No it was more than that no, she didn’t just accept my flaws, she loved me for them, to her they weren't flaws at all. I never understood, but then again I don’t think I would ever have to. I held out a hand for her.
            “May I have, this dance?” I said softly
         Her hand extended down and took mine. Her skin was the deepest blue nearly black. Her dress of the constellations sparkled as it flowed down covering her bare feet as she gracefully landed on the soft dewy ground. She had descended from her throne in the sky so that we may be together once again. I brushed my hand against her face, soft, the kind of soft one would Imagine clouds would feel like. She grinned he smile shining brightly as she closed her amber eye for a moment at my touch. She wrapped her arm around my shoulder her other hand still placed in mine. She tossed her pale moon beam hair out from in front of her pale sparkling eye as I moved my hand from her cheek to her hip. I smiled knowing that this, this of all things in the world in any world was right. We began our dance the same tune playing in our head no music was needed we both heard the melody even if the world around us couldn’t. As we danced we began to rise from the cool grass into the dark night sky, our dance pressing us onward. The night sky around us changed to the nebulas of many colors, from the brightest red to the most vibrant green. It didn’t matter not to me, there was only her only The fair star maiden before me nothing would part my eyes from her, I never looked away, and neither did she. The purple clusters flashing by turning into the yellow glows of suns around us I knew that this was happiness.
           She smiled and leaned in close to me as we slowed our pace her head rubbing into my chest, her arms wrapping around my waist in an embrace. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and smiled, my cheek laid softly against her hair. We slow danced through the heart of the hourglass nebula knowing that this was a moment we would never forget. She looked up to me and smiled a small smile still glowing the purest white. I returned the smile as best as I could unable to match her radiance, but matching her happiness. She leaned up to me and I met her halfway. We kissed and it was bliss I closed my eyes and the cosmos stood still for us and in that moment all the clusters, stars, and planets seemed to melt away leaving me and her. I am telling you my story because love saved me and it brought me peace, and because I know that love is becoming hard to find these days. It can be discouraging I know but you must believe because one day you will find someone who is so Important to you that you will know the feelings I tell you are true. Then you will know how it feels, Under stars.


Created: Apr 08, 2014

Tags: fantasy, heart, stars, fiction, romance, sky, space, story, love, firstperson

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