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Sayings/terms & their interpretations and/origins (real or fake)

There are so many sayings out there, some of which you can figure out how they came about, others maybe not so clear. Most of the examples I can think of off the top of my head relate to death - not because I'm particularly morbid, but there just seem to be a lot that are death related.

Some examples:

Pushing Up The Daisies - I get that one, though I do always get an image of a little man lying under the ground literally pushing daisies up through the dirt.

Kicked the Bucket - what bucket? Where was it & why did it result in death - did a man called Fred once kick a bucket over, which he then tripped over and fell to his death, was this story then relayed as "What happened to old Fred"..."Ahh well, he kicked the bucket over you see, then tripped over it and fell to his death" and from this it came to be shortened to "he kicked the bucket?"

He Brought It - Brought what? A one way ticket on the River Styx?

Bit The Dust - again, not so clear maybe, but maybe a fatal faceplant?

As Dead as a Dodo - but what did they say to explain something that was kaput before the Dodos became extinct - as dead as a T-Rex?

I'm not so Green as I'm Cabbage Looking - 

You'd Laugh To see a Pudding Crawl -

A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in The Bush -

Never Put all your eggs in one basket

Don't count your eggs until they're hatched

 And there are so so many more, these are just ones straight off the top of my head (some fmily members used regularly)

Created: Apr 08, 2014

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