Love in Unusual Places

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She laid there on the ground sad and dying. Her family was trying hard to hide in the trees, but they were too easily seen. Many people ran into the forest trying to find her family, and het them out of the trees. They paid her no mind lying on the ground all alone. One man almost stepped on her, but he was able to jump over her in the nick of time.
She tried to cry out for help, but nobody could make out what she was saying. Laying there feeling the end coming near, she cried out once more, but her voice crackled and then was gone.
There was finally one that took notice to her, and when he saw her, it was love at first sight. Instantly, he wanted to save her. He was very small and afraid that he would die in her place if ger were to help her. In an act of kindness, he inched toward her and leaned down to reach her. Unfortunately, she was unable to reach back for him. She felt her life fading fast. He could sense it, too, so he tried harder. The love he felt in his heart for her was very strong, so he leaned farther, trying not to lose his balance and fall.
This had become too difficult for him to save her. He now knew what needed to be done, and he knew he had to sacrifice himself.  This was the only way for her to survive. With all of his might, he threw himself toward her and landed on the ground next to her. He then reached over and grabbed her. The life began returning to her, and she thanked him in a crackling voice. He was glad to have saved her life and he laid still as he felt the pain of his life drifting away.
Just then, a man walked up with a bucket of water and dumping the contents on them both. She died instantly, left in a pile of ash next to him. He was then sad to see that his  hard work to save her had cost them both their lives. His life then drifted away and he joined her in the after life. They found each other instantly and were both happy to be together in a place where one could not hurt the other. Who knew that a tree would give it's life to save a fire?

Created: Apr 08, 2014

Tags: fiction, story

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