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There are 3 types of limits known to man: Literal, abstract, and personal.

Literally, what do we know about limits? On the road, a region, a country? Where do the boundaries begin and end, and must they meet? Distance really does not create boundaries but the geographical coordinates we have measured ourselves by. Yet then, however we define the entrance and exit of a place, we have customized the territory by the limits we have created. The boundaries create security, they draw the familiar from the strange, the adequate from the unnecessary, and what we know from the unknown. But what if we could stretch the limits even more? Perhaps the other side of the sea isn't an edge, but rather a vast space that starts another boundary.

On abstract terms, how do we value limits? The act of civilization, what does society deem acceptable and inappropriate? The blanketed comfort of etiquette that molds us into citizens could be viewed as a conformity mechanism, triggering seas within crowds. Children are often taught at a young age how to behave: how to act around adults, how to color inside the lines, how to know yes from no. Through limits, we practice and preach the themes that weave unto each other an idea of this boat we call society. We sail, we soar, we sit on its floors until we rock the boat onto a new current.

But personally, limits could define the self. Where is this so-called box? Maybe all it takes is to step out of the box to realize that there is no box. We challenge, we strive, we beat ourselves to know how far we can go. I've come to realize, that the pursuit of satisfaction will never leave me satisfied. So I figured, might as well go all out before I shrink back in. And when I look in the mirror, I see a head, a neck, shoulders, arms, legs, hands, feet, and eyes. Within me, on me and around me, these are my limits. And so I test them to see what else I can do.

Created: Apr 08, 2014

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