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It is a basic biology function that we all need to eat to live. There are so many channels just dedicated to food. Let's do food Hitrecord style. Plus cooking is just remixing ingredients.


ideas for content 

The cookery show- A parody of a cookery competition with incredible pretentious food. Full of disasters. Invent new terms for things eg "a hook of steak on a dorothy of potatos......". Could apply the format with a cooking program or a food challenge.


fake adverts for fake kitchen products that people buy and never will use. Eg a cheese curler, a cream shaker, a teaspoon that you put the sugar in the handle and it stirs in by some magical method. You get the idea.


documentary style- So many subject areas can be linked to food. Food culture, poverty, food waste, what it takes to feed 9 billion people and the environmental impact, fucking around with our food by big companies etc


animation- bees are endangered so maybe a lighthearted animation of the bees and their roles in the world. Could have a little show down with the wasps.


conversations from the lobster tank in a restaurant

trying to save the turtle from the tuna net

dialogue tales between food purists (snobs)

sketch- romantic dinner setting at a restaurant and a musician desperate for a tip keeps playing annoyingly close


Food can also incorporate farmers and fishermen

big multinational food companies trying to brand a crap product to sell.

Food allergies- an animation of a peanut feeling excluded from society and joins and AA (allergies anonymous) and meets dairy, gluten etc

Huge range for ideas just in food. 

Created: Apr 08, 2014

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