HR on TV Season 2 Theme Idea: NEWS

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- What's on the news on tv, radio, the internet?  we could do our own news broadcast

- What's the worst newsbulletin you've ever seen?  What's the best newsbulletin you've seen? From any kind of media, from anywhere in the world (webcam testimonies)

- about news you've got from someone around you: friends, family ... . What's the best news you've ever had?  What's the worst news you've ever had?  How did you deal with that news.

- What's new to you or to someone around you? What's new to the world?

- the weirdest newsfact you've ever seen, heard, ....

- the history of news broadcasting: newspapers, radio broadcasting, news reels in theatres, tv, internet, social media ...

- what media is telling and what are they hiding, censurship, 

- are tv- or radiostations objective?

- newsbulletins for kids, young adults, ...


I think we could do a lot with this theme.

Created: Apr 08, 2014


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