Actor/Performance video curator for season 2

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Please, please, PLEASE hire a community member (or maybe 2-5) to be in charge of verifying the actors/performers in videos for season 2 so they can be credited in the actual episodes and get their own individual checks just like any other type of record would.

Along with that, requests for videos should explicitly request for not only resourcing the portraits of the people you worked with, but explicitly writing the details of what everyone did (i.e. director, camera operator, actor, etc.) There are several jobs (not just performing) that can get credited if the person works alone, but not if the person works in a group, and that's not right. I think these two additions to the production process could solve the issue.

Created: Apr 08, 2014

Tags: feedback, credit, production, suggestion, season, curators, actor, performer

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