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This is not as obvious a topic as it might seem.

I'm a big reader of books, and in one by my favourite author there was a real eye-opening exchange regarding the difference between a price and a cost, specifically in terms of gains and losses.

In short, a price was something you received, or were given. A cost was something you lost.

In the senario in question, someone was trying to see if the Prime Minister could be bribed, and was conducting a conversation with the PM's wife. They referred to a well-known incident in the PM's past, and the bad guy suggested that even the PM had his price over that incident. Mrs PM said no, it cost him (in this case, honour).

I know of another book series that talks about the cost you pay for decision making.

Do you take the easy way out and do what suits you, or do you bite the bullet, and do what's best for someone else, at the cost of your own wants/wishes. (Invariably in this book series, you are prompted to make the "bigger" decision, and put your happiness on hold to do the right thing to help someone else, which always turns out to have been a better decision because you then find the happiness you were looking for anyway, AND you've helped someone).


Just some thoughts.


Edit 25/4/14

it's ANZAC Day here in Australia, and the correlation between the cost and sacrifice became blindingly obvious to me today.

We can talk wbout:

 - what parents sacrifice for their children

- what children sacrifice for their parents (think about the things you have to do as an adult for your parenta)

- sacrifice in war (more than the wasted lives of our servicemen/women, lets talk about The Depression with its rationing, etc.)

There's gotts be a ton more ideas than these few I've jotted down here!

Created: Apr 08, 2014

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