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Hi everyone,

As we discussed in THIS VIDEO, we will be posting replies to the community's Profit Proposal feedback for each episode of HITRECORD ON TV. The community will then have one week to review our replies and include any additional feedback. After this additional round of feedback has concluded, we will post Final Profits.

In some instances feedback was already replied to in the original threads or in separate text records.




Please provide any additional feedback on the replies below by Monday, April 14th - thanks!


> HITRECORD ON TV / RE: The Number One / Profit Proposals --- Profit Doc HERE

WunderBoy: Thank you so much for getting these together! I know this is no small task. Any kind of payment from HR is just bonus, really. But if I'm getting money someone else should be getting I'll point it out: OPENING MONOLOGUE: Video RECords > http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1287993 "How to Enjoy Move on the Sun" WunderBoy ** For how it was used (sans audio) all I did was color grade it so my percentage should go to LoFidelity and RECularCharlie for this record 1287508. YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE: Chorus Video http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1422581 "YNTOO Metal Guiro" WunderBoy ** It's listed twice, I'm not sure I'm meant to be paid twice on that.

-> @Wonderboy: 1) Percentages will be added for LoFidelity’s record here: http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1287508, but your record will still be included in the splits since that was the record that appeared in the production. 2) Good catch! That record was listed twice by mistake. We’ll revise. Thanks!


epocadofim: Quick general question: Will records used in advertising, promotional videos, and behind the scenes be part of the breakdowns for profit 1 at some point (that is to say, things like the print ads and the bts Adieu video). I ask because they seem, at least to me, like they should be, but I don't know how we'd fit them into profit/payout. Also, is Joe's allocation fed back into the system by production or as a total (i.e. does his allotment from you're not the only one pay out back to just contributors of that segment, or does it get added back to the 50K pool at the beginning?) just trying to figure out how the system works. :)

-> @epocadofim: Hi, the :60 Trailer and the Key Art Profit Proposals for Season 1 can be found here: http://www.hitrecord.org/albums/346611


JanaBanana: Very impressed with the accounting trail -- no easy feat. I love that HitRecord values contributions of ANY size. Is there a way that contributors could opt to put their payment back into the production pool for future projects? And do that anonymously? That choice shouldn't symbolically undercut the importance of people getting paid or set up some community dynamic around giving payments back.

finallywakingup: Is there a way to opt out/re-invest profit share? By the time a cheque is printed, signed and posted to England it'll cost you more than $7 and I've got no way to cash a $ cheque anyway so I'd rather the money be invested into future productions or fed back into Hit Record if possible.

-> @JanaBanana, @finallywakingup:Hi, all checks will be mailed to Contributing Artists. What the community does with their checks is entirely up to each individual. Hope that helps clarify!


kyt: I've got a couple of questions, sorry if they've been asked in past profit proposals, I'm a total newb here. 1. Do curators get any share of the profit? I don't think my few seconds of video would have been featured in the ep if someone hadn't put it as part of a curation. 2. In the video, Joe mentioned future profits when the episode eventually starts making money. Does that mean all the contributors get paid with the same breakdown? Thanks!

-> @kyt: 1) Hi, instances where curation by a contributing artist was identified as influencing a record that appeared on the television were included in the Profit Proposals. 2) Yes. Once the Final Profits are posted for each, these breakdowns will represent how the profits will be split should they enter into profit in the future.


HITRECORD ON TV / Overview / RE: The Number One / Profit Proposals --- Profit Doc HERE

PrincessKLS: This is cool, however, I was wondering if there wasn't a way to pay all the artists equally? Anyway, are you going to show proposals for the other episodes? This is a bit off topic for episode one but I was noticing when watching episode 2: Joseph/RegularJoe quoted a "young lady" from the site. Okay it was technically just a quote in the comments and not an actual contribution to a piece but her quote was powerful enough to make it on the show and also incite laughter in the crowd. Shouldn't she at least be named? Either given some compensation and/or recognition for it?

-> @PrincessKLS: 1) These Profit Proposals are based on each individual record and how it was used in the episode. Values are attributed to each record separately, as opposed to splitting all profits equally. 2) The Profit Proposals for all 8 episodes can be found here: http://www.hitrecord.org/albums/341976 3) This contribution will be addressed in the Profit Proposal Feedback text record for the RE: Fantasy episode.


paperlilies: I'm not sure why the 'features' (for want of a better word) First Stars I See Tonight and You're Not The Only One are given 20% whilst One Living Organism and One Song are only allotted 13.5%? They seem to be of equal importance to the episode... is it a length thing? (I'm not sure how long they each are without checking but this discrepancy seems odd) The Opening Monologue has been allotted 14% which kinda seems excessive in comparison. Perhaps all 5 ought to be allotted the same percentage as each other?? I'm just uncertain as to how these percentages have been arrived at.

-> @paperlilies: Hi, the proposed splits for each episode are going to be unique each time. For the first episode, the Opening Monologue was the longest of the season, and included a section that served as an introduction to hitRECord. It was also the first segment of the season, and we felt this was important to acknowledge in the breakdown of the episode, hence it was allocated 14% of the episode.

The structure of this episode was such that “First Stars” and “You’re Not the Only One” felt like they were the most prominent parts of the episode. To us, “One Song” and “One Living Organism” did not feel of equal weight when compared to “First Stars,” which opened the episode after transitioning out of the Opening Monologue, and “You’re Not the Only One,” which closed out the episode. Because of the weight of these two pieces, and the impact this unique Opening Monologue had on the episode, we felt that “One Song” and “One Living Organism” each represented 13.5% of the episode.


anybarra83: ...I am confused on how the percentages are ultimately decided between the different mediums. Anyway, that's my final 2c on the proposal for Episode 101. Thank you guys for including me and having the proposals up so fast. It is very much appreciated! :)

-> @anybarra83: Hi, records are all allocated percentages based on how they were used in the production, regardless of their medium.


HITRECORD ON TV / Act 1, pg. 1 / RE: The Number One / Profit Proposals --- Profit Doc HERE

JasonAngelone: I noticed that I was credited for an opening monologue image record in the show, but not here. I believe it was for KamPAIGN's profile pic.

-> @JasonAngelone: Correct! We will make sure your record is resourced in the Final Profits.


epocadofim: my credit for this does not appear in the profit breakdown: http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1367379. You know... the record button that opens the show? Also, I received credit in the show for a video record during the opening monologue (I had assumed that it was for this record) but it's neither in the opening credits or monologue section.

-> @epocadofim: You’re right! Your record button will be added to the Final Profits. And yes, this was the record that was included in the Opening Monologue Credits of the episode.


LoFidelity: This is great. Now for the hard hitting questions... On the "Opening Monologue" Wunderboy's contribution is a remix of my original record http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1287508 which RecularCharlie is also credited. How do these profits break down to remixes of original records? Based upon my previous contributions from "On The Road 2012 Tour" Wunderboy's remix of my record falls under VFX / color correction, how would my profit be calculated since Wunderboy's remix technically breaks down to VFX color correction based upon the usage of his remix of my record? -> @LoFidelity: Hi, we will include your record in the Final Profits along with WunderBoy’s remix of your record. Thanks!


spaceship: Under Countdown, in the audio record portion, my "Ooh and Ahh Bits" record is missing: http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1341616. Under Opening Credit Sequence, in the video record portion, "Pen Writing The Number 1 - Visual Backgrounds (REQUEST)" is missing: http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1347514. Under Opening Monologue, in the video record portion, "The 1 Horse (Animation Loop)" record and "Pen Writing The Number 1 - Visual Backgrounds (REQUEST)" are missing: http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1350807 / http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1347514.

-> @spaceship: You’re right! Those records will be added to the Final Profits.


shannalyn85: I looked for my name several times on all spreadsheets and I didn't see it even though I've been credited in every episode so far (usually for opening monologue/live footage). Did I just miss my name somewhere? Also, to piggyback off of epocadofim's comment on the main page, will promotional photos and such be earning profits? I know my pictures have been used for promos on Facebook and Pivot and while that's very exciting in and of itself I think any photos/art/video/etc used for promotion should also be part of the proposals. By the way, you guys are doing amazing! These breakdowns must be a huge under taking so I hope you have some number nerds on your team who love this stuff because this would probably stress me out!

-> @shannalyn85: 1) We reviewed the resourcing spreadsheets we used in creating these Profit Proposals and your name was accidentally included in the Opening Monologue Credits of this episode. The Profit Proposals are accurate. Apologies for any confusion! 2) The Season 1 promotional material that’s being paid for is the :60 Trailer and the Key Art. These Profit Proposals can be found here: http://www.hitrecord.org/albums/346611


MindAtPeace: ...Will there be another profit proposal for the live shows or are they excluded from payments. Thanks <3

Malicore: I'm also curious on what MindAPeace mentioned about the live shows being profitable like how they have in the past. If these live shows were profitable will that be a separate disbursement or is it all allocated into the production of the show?

-> @MindAtPeace, @Malicore: Hi, we allocated a portion of the SONY sponsorship money for 2013 to the Live Venue Shoots. The Profit Proposals for the Live Venue Shoots can be found in this Album: http://www.hitrecord.org/albums/348748


MissLauraaW: Thank you for getting these out so quick :) My number 6 (http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1340108) was used in the countdown as a background for Niki's number 6 (http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1343574).

-> @MissLauraaW Hi, thanks for letting us know! We will add this resource to the Final Profits.


Robo_J: This is just my thought on it, but those two audio RECords used in the opening monologue are getting too big a percentage cut than what I think should be allocated. They're getting a way bigger percentage (9.81%) than the text RECords used in the monologue (3-5%), or anything else used, and i think that's a bit much. Maybe drop down the Audio RECord's percentage to 5-4% or even lesser.

-> @Robo_J: Thanks for the feedback on this. After review, we do feel that the Audio Records that play during the Opening Monologues have been allocated too much, especially since some of these records also play during the End Credits of the show and receive additional percentages there. These adjustments will be made across all 8 episodes. Thanks again for your comment.


spaceship: I suggested in a previous comments that the 1 Horse Animation Loop was missing from the Opening Monologue section. It may actually have been the image record that was used as an icon for the video. (When Joe says, "a one in a million shot at getting out of this one horse town".) If so, that is missing, so here is that record: http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1350850.

-> @spaceship: You are correct! This image record was used as a “green screen visual” and will be included in the Final Profits.


GabyVaughan: Hi guys, Thank you so much for all your hard work!! I was checking my contributions and there's a number that I made and it wasn't added here and it was part of the final video, is the number 4 and here's the link! Thanks http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1335938 :)

-> @GabyVaughan: This will be added, thanks!


C.McCarthy: I also have to ask the same type of question others have been asking. I was resourced in MarieIv's record Making of (http://www.hitrecord.org/records/677024) which was listed in the profits, and I know that many others were resourced in that as well but no one but MarieIv is getting anything? I don't really mind because my contribution to that was just the film strips that run along the side of it, but I don't really think it's fair to everyone else's work that is shown through that record.

Consh: I have the same question that C.McCarthy and other users did, how does it work on those Video Cutaways? I have one of my drawings on the same record she specified "Making Of" by Marielv's.

-> @C.McCarthy, @Consh: Good points! The records resourced in MarieIv’s “Making of” will be included in the Final Profits.


HITRECORD ON TV / Act 1, pg. 2 / RE: The Number One / Profit Proposals --- Profit Doc HERE

debit72: For First Stars, I filmed user MDollar, who should be credited as an Actor. I should be credited for the Video Record. MDollar is listed as a resource on my RECord "First Stars: A Male Cousin."

spaceship: Under Freestyle Something, fraulein receives credit as a rapper. Which is fine! Except it was Robo_J's voice in that record saying, in a fine puppet voice, "One is de loneliest numbah...", not fraulein's. Also, brookeduckart created the puppet used in the video. Perhaps these two points can be addressed? :)

LilacAmy11: Speaking to debiT's and Spaceships's points (which I think are similar)... it seems like the actors haven't been credited for clips in several cases (here in the proposals and on the show's credits). As an extension of this, I'm wondering how REsources to RECords are being handled in general, since it seems like in more than a few cases I've seen, the videographer/releaser of the final record is the only one getting credit, even though they've REsourced other people's work.

-> @debit72, @spaceship, @LilacAmy11: Hi, the way that we credited and resourced every record of Season 1 is consistent with how we have done Profits in the past. It has been our policy that if a record is used in a monetized production, the user who uploaded it is credited and their record is included in the Profit Proposals. It is then the responsibility of that user to distribute profits amongst anyone they collaborated with to create the record.

We understand that this system is not perfect, but we feel it is the most fair. We are open to figuring out how to solve this issue. As of now, we also do not have a way of validating the accuracy of credits. Furthermore, it is a rather broad issue, as it touches upon legal, financial, and technology categories. We encourage the community to come up with some feasible ideas and contribute them to the “RE: Season 2 Production collab” here: http://www.hitrecord.org/collaborations/8603


anybarra83: Hey guys! Thank you so much for getting these to us to review so quickly! This is my first time to be apart of any conversation regarding profit splits, and I may be incorrect in my thinking, but it never hurts to ask right? :) My question is in regards to the collaboration that was started based off my text record regarding my ONE and Only Daughter. Should that collaboration or my text record be listed under here as well since the testimonies/records were made for that collaboration? I understand the main collaboration is of course the #1, but I thought the other collaboration was an extension off of it. Or am I just not fully understanding how that would work? Thanks guys! Oh and I apologize in advance if I am wrong :) http://www.hitrecord.org/collaborations/7475

-> @anybarra83: That’s a very good point that you raise, and your Text Record will be added to the “First Times” section of the Profit Proposals as it did influence some of the testimonials that were included in the episode.


Malicore: Wow, these proposals came out quick. Thanks to everyone for getting these done so quickly. I noticed that my record button video was used at the 0:45 mark but I don't see it listed on the proposal. Here is the record for reference. http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1360594.

-> @Malicore: Correct! That resource will be added.


FMT: Very speedy with this! I noticed a record button on a boombox I shot was used at 0.45 by not listed here. Here is the record for reference - http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1360708. Thanks.

-> @FMT: It certainly is! That resource will be added.


KevinMaistros: What do the different background colors mean?

-> @KevinMaistros: The colors are broken down by the following categories: Video (pink), Image (yellow), Audio (green), and Text (purple.) It should be noted that blue will be included in the Final Profits for records whose profits were prominently revised from the Proposals.


epocadofim: both my cut out stars illustrations were used in the first stars I see tonight (cut out stars 2 (http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1386912) which is credited as receiving a 0.16% share, and cut out stars (http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1315911) which is not credited as of yet). I just want to clarify that these are in fact separate records used in different shots. Cut out stars 2 is the primary backdrop for ponytailsandcapris's final pullout (http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1396898) and cut out stars is the texture used for the counters and stove hood in Mallory's "textured kitchen" illustration (http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1386893). The other textures used in that illustration (belcath1981's "Vintage Wallpaper..." (http://www.hitrecord.org/records/436858), Metaphorest's "Sky Veins" (http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1178292), and sfdetroiter's "Subtle Wood Grain" (http://www.hitrecord.org/records/345532) we're all credited, with the first two receiving 0.12% and the last one (which unlike the my cut out stars piece and Metaphorest and belcath's textures, was edited and remixed to a degree of nearly being unrecognizable) received a 0.05% share). So I'd like to see the other cut out stars illustration added in.

-> @epocadofim: Yes, we agree! We will make sure that this resource is included in final profits.


Kerrnie: For the "First Stars" audio score I performed the flute parts as well as the clarinet. It looks like I'm getting the same percentage as those musicians who just submitted one track. :) Just wanted to bring that to your attention. Anyway- Thanks guys! :)

-> @Kerrnie: Hi, we reviewed your feedback with Post and only your Clarinet part was used. The Flutes were from other contributing artists.


rejjie: Thank you for getting these proposals out so promptly. All your effort is very appreciated! My record "Mermaid Scales" (http://www.hitrecord.org/records/810027) is a resource within a resource in ponytailsandcapris "First Stars pull out to galaxy" (http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1396898) video. It is used in her "Chalk world map" which is used in her video. I would be grateful if you would cite it. Ponytailsandcapris has two different records appear in the intro but she is credited only once. Shouldn’t she get twice the credits?

-> @rejjie: 1) Good call! Your record will be added to the Final Profits. 2) Can you please clarify your second comment regarding the two different records by ponytailsandcapris? If you could please provide links and/or time code from the episode, we can review. Thanks!


stevebreski: Some of my record button footage doesn't appear to cited. In the episode (between 00:45 and 00:47) there are some quick frames from this record: http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1366182 00:03; 00:13

-> @stevebreski: Hi, that’s right! That resource will be added.


poodlegoose: Is there a way for us to know exactly what was used for audio? For instance, I am assuming that even though my entire record was referenced for "First Stars" though it had many stems in it, you guys only used one of them for the final mix? -> @poodlegoose: Hi, we reviewed with Post and confirmed that your Viola was the only resource from your Audio Stems used in the production.


HITRECORD ON TV / Act 2 / RE: The Number One / Profit Proposals --- Profit Doc HERE

cerebis: Regarding the 4th line item under Video Records, my contribution is identified as http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1352477 but it was actually http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1350296

-> @cerebis: Thanks for the clarification! We will revise the Record ID in the Final Profits.


spaceship: Under One Song, the audio record portion, humunkulus' record #1438167 and my record (http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1438812) show the same character vocals (Engineer, Gloom, and Troll) but differing percentages. Just an observation!

-> @spaceship: Hi, thanks for addressing this. We reviewed the audio files used in the production. Your vocals were used for the Princesses, Engineers, Glooms, and Trolls. The vocals of humunkulus were used for the Engineers, Glooms, and Trolls. We’ll reverse the percentages allocated to you and humunkulus based on the breakdown of the audio resources.


saintmaker: the below video was used in the final version of "One Living Organism"...i don't see it listed in the profit proposal/video records...but skatebard can tell you i'm not very good at finding things ;-) http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1376069.

-> @saintmaker: Hi, for your role in “One Living Organism,” we credited you with “Concept” and your “Pando Clone and the Honey Mushroom” record was included in your total allocation of 10.04% for the production.


HITRECORD ON TV / Act 3+4 / RE: The Number One / Profit Proposals --- Profit Doc HERE

debit72: Hi, my recorder visuals for YNTOO, which are at 20:36/37 roughly, are missing from the video records.

-> @debit72: Thanks for letting us know! This will be addressed in the Final Profits.


BetweenForks: Sounds good! one question, if you used the video and also the audio for my guitars on YNTOO will that count as separate records ? I only see the video one. nevertheless, I am happy with this and with how everything is turning out. Great song! :-)

-> @BetweenForks: Hi, that record should be included in the Audio breakdown as well. We will revise in the Final profits. Thanks!


andyramone: One thing, you've got my simple rhythm adds record (www.hitrecord.org/records/1419906) twice. Not sure if that's on purpose or not, but just wanted to point it out incase it's a mistake. It's on there once as a musician and once as an audio record. Curious to know what's the difference?

-> @andyramone: Hi, the second listing of 1419906 was a mistake. That will be removed. And the role of “Musician” was included as a reference to the main acoustic rhythm guitar. Upon further review, we feel that 1419906 should be given a higher percentage and we’ll be updating that in the Final Profits. Thanks!


spaceship: Under You're Not the Only One, the songwriters section, not sure why "You're Not the Only One Demo Mix (with Spaceship Bass Guitar)" (http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1364539) is being used as part of the songwriting process. The actual songwriting record (as it were) that I posted as a suggestion for the singalong chorus (based on Wunderboy's record) is "You're Not The Only One (With Spaceship Vocals)": http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1348378. Under Chorus Video, the slide guitar visual from "You're Not The Only One (Spaceship 2nd Verse Vocal & Slide Guitar Soloing Visual)" is missing: http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1422158.

-> @spaceship: 1) We can revise the first resource (1364539) to 1348378 in the Final Profits. 2) That resource will be added to the Video Resources, thanks!


RosellaWeigand: Works for me! :-) But I do have a couple of questions. Why come up with this complex breakdown of percentages? Why not just take the $50,000 & divide it by the number of contributions in the episode & then pay each contributing artist that amount? Then, if he or she has multiple contributions in the episode, you can multiply the amount by the number of RECords used by that person. Wouldn't this profit model save on headaches? & since HitRECord isn't about making money, wouldn't it make more sense to distribute the money more evenly, so everyone can be closer to having the same size piece of the pie? Now maybe, you guys & gals have already considered this strategy before, and maybe it wouldn't work for other productions, but I'm curious as to why such an approach can't be applied to the TV show. Thoughts? :)

-> @RosellaWeigand: Hi, the way Profit Proposals are determined for all of our productions is based on each individual resource, as opposed to doing an even split for all contributing artists. We feel he fairest way to distribute profits is to look at each record and propose profit splits in relation to their role in each specific production.


2wonder: Hello. First, thanks to all that were responsible on creating the proposals. Looks like a really tough work to compile. For the inclusion of my RE: One bumper (BRB) record on Act III, the records that was used on the breakdown of ONE-remix (video edit) that is part of the bumper is only using duration between 3seconds - 5seconds.. which was my own video art/frames. In short everything on the one brb bumper are only using all my own editing resources. And instead, the resources from other hitrecorders on the ONE-remix should then get their credit on the other segments that One-remix was used on. In whichever seconds on the remix video was shown/used on tv (Intro Countdown and One Living Organism) Currently, I don't think all of their contributions are included on the other segment proposal list. Thank you.

-> @2wonder: Thanks for this remark. We just want to make sure we understand the resources you are referring, but here is what we propose:

1) For Act 3, we would revise the documents so you would be the only contributing artist cited in the Profits for the bumper.

2) We would add the 11 resources in this RECord (http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1348825) to the Profits for the other acts it is used.

If you could please confirm that we have everything correct, that would be much appreciated. Thanks!

-- hrrcnkat8: I really don't have any complaints. I'm just truly happy to be a part of this experience. If I do have to comment on something, I did notice that under the You're Not The Only One records the video of me singing the chorus was not included, but other than that I was included in the audio portion of the chorus. I'm not sure if that matters, but I'm really happy with the outcome!


@hrrcnkat8: Correct! We will add this resource to the Final Profits.


53mph: I can't speak for the others but I'm well stoked (to use circa 90's Brit parlance) to see my name on that list. My 5 seconds of fame actually amounted to more than I would have believed; and my wife was well surprised when I read her the e-mail. Having worked in the music business and receiving next to no financial return for most of my efforts, I have to say that you guys are really honest in your break-downs. The fact that everyone received a share, even a small share, shows honesty. Does this mean I have to add my bank details to my profile?

-> @53mph: We’ll be releasing a Payment Update video very soon with additional details on payments. In the meantime, please go to your Payment Information page on your profile and update your info. PLease go here (when you’re logged in) and click “Payment Information” - http://www.hitrecord.org/monetizations


toryelena: If you were interviewed at one of the live venue tapings and that footage is used in the TV show will you get paid? I noticed under the "first kiss" interview in Episode One that kdasgirl [who i believe was interviewed?] has "testimonial" next to her name on the profit proposal. Just wanted to clarify - is this what it will be noted under?

-> @toryelena: Hi, for “First Kiss,” kdasgirl’s record “Our First Kiss” was included in the Profit Proposals because she contributed that record to “The Orpheum Questionnaire collab” and, based on that contribution, was interviewed during the show. Because the video testimonial record was a factor in the result of the episode’s “First Kiss” production, it was included in the Profit Proposals. Hope that helps clarify!

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