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Have you ever dreamed about your dream girl or guy? Like, seriously. There has to be somebody who would fit that dreamy profile of yours. Well, let's be real. They may never be famous, or as how you literally dreamed them to be. You know, you may never find them until serendipity kicks in, where that one little meeting or crossroads sends you down a path with that person. It may be hard to find them, and truly, they will be right under your nose the whole time! For me, I was searching to find that one person, and I'm still in University. But, high school allowed me to find who I dreamed of.  There's many qualities that you'd like... Ahah, when I met her, it felt like a symphony played in my heart - a great swell where a sweet moment manages to make you feel thrilled and excited and no longer alone.. But, the message of this is to find YOUR song someone that supports you, someone that makes the both of you stronger, sweeter... They may be the sweet swells of a piano, the warmness of a cello, the grandness of a pipe organ, or as exotic as panpipes.. There are many possibilities. Me and my other are like two pianos playing duets - one supports the other, and creates the most sweetest sounds.. But, thats only the first movement in what's still the rest of the Symphony to come.

Created: Apr 08, 2014

Tags: sound, love, relationships, music, dream, essay

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