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RE: Duality, or RE: The Number Two

This is an expansion of RegularJoe's idea for the RE: The Number Two episode...

I'm going to channel some thought's and please chime in and provide your feedback at anytime you wish.


RE: Duality - Everything consists of polar opposites, all things are polarized in nature. (Light and darkness, positive and negative, hot and cold, love and hate, sweet and bitter, outward and inward, human sight, hearing, lungs, hands, feet, and ecetera) According to the ancient teachings of Hermeticism, all things are dual in nature because the entire theme of the cosmos is "duality." The trickster behind the rule is this however, although everything is dualistic in nature, we are simply different degrees of the same scale. Where does cold end and hot begin on a thermometer? Where is the exact point where darkness ends and light begins? Where exactly does love end and hate begin? These are simply varying degrees of the same scale. All are one, but the one is also dual in nature. It's like saying "we are all one and two in the same" (a tie into RE: The Number One from season one, as a bonus).

Created: Apr 08, 2014

Tags: hermeticism, duality, polarity, the principle of polarity via the kybalion, season two, the number two, re: the number two, re: duality, hitrecord on tv, re: polarity

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