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Not sure if this is going to seem trite or not, but this is my first time, so here goes. I was thinking about the themes for the new season and that meant thinking about the themes from the first season. The first of the first(and the first thing of HitRecord I ever saw) was about the number one. Fitting that it was the first of the first. That made me think about the number two.

Two is kind of a complicated number. There's two in a pair. Two in a couple. "Two peas in a pod" is something people say sometimes. But my thoughts about two wandered somewhere else. Duality. 

I feel like oftentimes, we have a tendency to define ourselves by how we think we are. Okay, I'm not sure that last sentence came out the way I wanted it to. But we define ourselves by some characteristic that we think is true about ourselves. That we're "good" or "smart" or "artistic." But that's not ever all we are. People who think of themselves as "good" aren't more immune to doing wrong than anyone else. Someone who is "smart" isn't always necessarily going to know everything or never make a mistake or miscalculation. It's that dichotomy in us that I think is the most interesting aspect of human nature. What we are and what we aren't. Who we are and who we hope to be. One foot in the past and another in the future. 

I think there's a lot to explore in the theme of duality, which is why I want to suggest it as a theme to explore for the next season of HitRecord. That's all for now, I guess. Though, I guess for duality's sake, I'll slip in a, "or is it?" right here. 

Created: Apr 08, 2014


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