Theme Idea - Happy

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I know it seems sappy but hear me out.  Inspired in part by IamEmma’s song and by watching my daughter giggle and dance.

Ideas for the show

-What makes us happy?
A video montage of kids and adults sharing what makes them happy 

- A story about being happy.
To the point where it’s ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.  Perhaps about how constantly happy people piss us off and how constantly pissed off people make happy people even happier.

- Would it be too ambitious to do a brief video about a place that people consider the “happiest place on earth?”

- Perhaps a story based on how one kind deed can turn a frown upside down? 

- Can the very thing that make us happy, also make us sad?  A story/video reflecting how jealousy or anger can result from other people’s happiness (an adverse effect of envy)

– and of course including iamemma’s song


Created: Apr 08, 2014

Tags: happy, i love happy endings, season 2 theme idea

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