RE:RETURN (Season 2 Theme Idea)

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This is a very different sort of idea for a theme. It rould alternately be called Reply, Remix, Response, or Repeat.


Essentially, instead of being a theme unto itself, this would be a theme to remix, respond too, or followup on content of the shorts we created for the first season. I'm still working on this idea, and I think it needs a bit more fleshing out and fine tuning (maybe, for instance, this would have a better place as a special outside of the formal season), but I feel that a meta-theme or revisiting mechanism for HRoTV is one we should be looking at seriously, and that could give really cool results.

Created: Apr 08, 2014

Tags: season 1, season 2, meta-theme, remix, response, return, special, hitrecord

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