Regarding Legends. (GabyVaughan Remix - Season 2 Theme Idea)

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I think GabyVaughan has an awesome idea here! 

In addition to her idea about exploring different legends, myths, and stories from all over the world, I think it would also be fun to cover:

- The idea of a person being a "legend." What makes someone a legend? Is a legend just in the eye of the beholder? Would be cool to interview people who are now thought of as legends, or to interview family members of a legend who has since passed on. What are the downsides to being thought of as a legend? What are the perks?

- Urban legends - ghost stories, etc. Maybe we could delve into the history of some of these?

- A legend is also used to explain symbols on a map. Maybe there's some cool animation we could do with that? 

- And I just found out that a legend can also mean an inscription on a coin ("In God We Trust"), a gravestone ("Rest in Peace"), etc. 

Created: Apr 08, 2014

Tags: regarding legends, prose, season 2 theme ideas, theme

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