Regarding Connection. (Season 2 Theme Idea)

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I think there's tons of potential within this theme.

- Discussion of the internet

- Actual technology and history behind it

- How we use it to connect to others

- How we often replace face-to-face connection with an internet connection, and the benefits and consequences

of doing that

- Text messaging

- Could be a funny and/or bittersweet short in there about breaking up with someone via text message

- Skyping

- People often have to live significant life events with their families over Skype

- Internet Dating

- Speed Dating

- Love at first sight

- Magnets

- Do opposites really attract?

- And, I feel like the popular HitRECord tune "Do it like dial-up" of course belongs here!

Created: Apr 08, 2014

Tags: season 2 theme ideas, regarding connection, theme, prose

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