Season 2 Theme Ideas (Part Two):

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Season 2 Theme Ideas part 2:  I keep comin' up with em, so I might as well get them down in a text.

RE: Emotions: *This theme could easily be split into different episodes, but you could also just focus on 4-5 big ones for a TV episode: *Mad, Sad, Glad, Scared, (Ashamed) *Emotions collabs - Would be really cool if the bumpers came out of these collabs, and could each have a different song to coincide with the mood of each bumper. For example, if someone’s angry, throwing stuff around the room, or just straight-up steaming, you could have ‘Why you so mad?’ by ibkellymorris playing to set the tone. *We could do a short animation or film that deals with sociopathic behavior or autism —> any personality or disorder where the individual either has a heightened sense of others’ emotions or a lowered sense of others' emotions. OR one where they can control their own emotions well…which is something I am completely unfamiliar with. *genetics: are some people prone to show more anger, sadness, fear, etc. Using myself as an example, my mother is extremely emotional about happy things. She cries if she sees a commercial that tugs at her heart strings. I have found that i am exactly the same way. On the other hand, my father can get extremely angry. He flies off the handle at just about anything. Unfortunately, I also do this. Was it genetically passed down? Was it something I learned from watching them and emulated to the point that it has become muscle memory? I don’t know.


RE: Expectations:

*‘Well, that’s not what I expected’ - I had the idea for ‘expectations’ as a theme, and then saw that my favorite website when I’m lazy,, has a category for the unexpected. But here are examples of what this topic entails (basically short films, tiny stories, animations that end in an unexpected, not cliche way): for example, kirren's T-REX birthday cake *Surprises - Parties, random acts of kindness, good people going out of their way to do unexpected, nice things for others. I love this video - this is kind of the thing I’m talking about - - *the kids did not expect to see her waving at them on their way to school; Day after day, she would wave, and soon the children came to expect to see her, and would love waving back; In the end, she did not expect to be honored at the school in such a public way.* *Societal Expectations on Women - What you see on the cover of the magazines is not what any girl looks like, but we all aspire to be that and feel bad when we can’t meet those expectations. *Societal Expectations on men - gotta be tough, suck it up…don’t be a sissy, etc. *How expectations have changed over time — more and more kids are leaving the nest later / moving in with their parents post-college…40 is the new 30, etc.   

* expectations in different parts of the world - e.g. arranged marriages; My example is that I've lived in Los Angeles, Chicago, small towns in Indiana, and now New York, and my parents are from a town of 2,000 in South Dakota, so I've seen all different sides of expectations.  In my parents' small town, everybody marries young, gets a fulltime job at 18, have babies, or join the army to be able to afford college (what two of my cousins did). In a town like this, following your dreams is not really an option (this could go with the dreams theme too), as you are expected to make a living right away.  Living in LA is totally different...I know so many people in their mid-30s, still single and lovin' it, really living paycheck to paycheck, making minimum credit card payments until they finally get their big break.  And this seems to be a societal norm, that we all commiserate about.  But someone from Mobridge, South Dakota would think they're insane.

When we’re kids, we expect adulthood to make all our dreams come true…then we grow up and envy the young. Testimonials: A time you were super super surprised by an outcome; What to expect when you’re expecting…pregnancy/preparing for a new child to be brought forth unto the world; I’d love to catch someone on camera being surprised…and maybe they hate surprises? That’d be funny.

RE: Boxes and Lines:

*thinking outside the box *coloring inside or outside the lines *Pandora’s Box — gotta keep it locked up tight, what happens if you open it up? does all hell break loose? *presents/gifts (a literal box) — anticipation of waiting to open up your present boxes on Christmas morning, or you birthday. *What box do you check to define yourself?— can we fit our entire selves inside just one box -- gay/straight, white/black, man/woman? *What’s in the box??? What’s in the box??? (Se7en) *This theme could be combined with EXPECTATIONS.


RE: Luck:

*Superstitions *Bad luck v. good luck - are some people cursed?? Are some people magical?? *Songs: Lucky Life - Daddy Nacho *Can we make our own luck? Are some people just plain unlucky? *Leprechauns and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…? There’s something there, I think. *Testimonials: sports curses — love to see an interview of a true Chicagoan explaining the Billy Goat Curse, or some other serious fan of their home team, who truly believes that whatever curse is plaguing their field. *Interstitial: I can imagine a fast one w/ hitrecorders saying their lucky numbers or their superstitions. *Chance or choice? Dumb luck or hard work? how much of what you achieve is luck? AKA being in the right place at the right time, meeting the right person, if you’re regularJOE, maybe the perfect role comes around at the right time, and someone just passed on it….?


RE: Ghosts:

*There are so many collabs on this subject, seems fitting to have an episode dedicated. *ghosts can be anything — Some of us have skeletons in the closet, ghosts from that past that haunt us today. *Are ghosts real, do you believe in ghosts? Give us your best campfire ghost story. *Farts are the ghosts of the things we eat. :)


RE: Dreams:

*aspirations, what we want to do when we grow up. Dream job as a kid vs dream job as an adult, how our aspirations change as we learn and grow — maybe being a ballerina or astronaut is not as realistic as you once thought as a 5-year-old. (or maybe you became a ballerina or astronaut and want to share your story. *actual dreams…the freaky ones. For example, I used to have dreams that I was on a looping roller coaster with a bunch of Care Bears and a creepy talking baby. *The science of dreams - how many we have a night, how we never can remember them; myths about dreams: if you die in your dream, do you die in real life? *There are tons of collabs already in motion for this topic *Recurring dreams and what they mean: e.g. teeth falling out, or, never finishing high school or college (both are recurring dreams that I personally have all the time)



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