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I wrote this song with my brother-in-law, Josiah, in 2011 while undergoing chemotherapy for Stage 3 Breast Cancer at 27 years old.  I felt like the one of the best ways to stay positive during this dark time was to write about the struggle I was going through.  

Even though I'm a really optimistic person, there were days when I felt I was drowning.  This song expresses those moments and especially the moment when I received the diagnosis (very much like the moment JGL portrays in 50/50.)  

I wrote this and two other songs, "Girl on Fire" and "Wrestling with the Sunrise" during this period.  I've been wanting to release them but I didn't want to do it without having a visual journey to pair with it.  When I saw the mission of hitRECord, I thought it would be a good idea to submit this and see what we as a community could come up with.  

Created: Apr 07, 2014

Tags: breast cancer, chemotherapy, chemo, vocal, cancer warrior, cancer, strings, guitar, request, song, folk

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