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Excerpt from "Gone with the Wind," written by Margaret Mitchell. 

Scarlett has long been an inspiration of mine, simply because she rose from the ashes like a phoenix but she didn't rise as something reborn and pure. She rose as something reborn and hardened, and as Rhett will eventually tell her, she threw away happiness with both hands and didn't realize what she had until it was gone. Now that I'm a bit older and have had several baptisms of pain in my life, I still read the ending of this story and foolishly hope it will change; that Scarlett will see the gift of true love in front of her and not continue to be blinded by her own fear and stubborness.


"Then - then you mean I've ruined it all - that you don't love me anymore?"


"That's right."


"But," she said stubbornly, like a child who still feels that to state a desire is to gain that desire, "but I love you!"


"That's your misfortune."

Created: Apr 07, 2014


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