the ghost of a selfless lover

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somedays i believe
i could be brilliant.
call me a fool, another
overstuffed ego pushing out
the heart and blood
from a thanksgiving turkey.

perhaps i'll stay forever
inside darken rooms
writing poems
few will ever see,
making only
flimsy strings of letters
on fading pages.


but i don't want
the accolades,
nor the golden trophies,
they're empty prizes, fading
with the flashing bulbs.

i dream of you
wrapping yourself in me,
as the old Jews hold their
prayer shawls.
let me elevate your joy
through the weddings,
and i will comfort you
through the gray funerals.

i want to be the words
your wordless wonder,
your overwhelming despair.

when no one is beside you
there will be my words,
your feelings expressed
in a string of letters
the ghost of a selfless lover
carrying you for
one more day.

Created: Apr 07, 2014

Tags: dreams, non-fiction, fame, free-verse, emotions, poetry, soothing, comfort, belief, life

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