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I looked in the mirror today and saw myself.

At first I didn’t recognize me.
I only saw myself out of the corner of my eye,
But then I did a double take.

I had seemed like a blur,
A sped up version of myself.
So I stopped and took another look.
It is curious how we see ourselves.

Most of the time we look for the flaws.
Though sometimes we smile and say OK.
But that which we can sometimes approve of,
Is the part of ourselves that matters the least.

Physical beauty is always a fleeting mirage.
We can only glimpse it, because it can not be controlled.
There is always someone prettier.
We've become slaves to someone else’s idea of what beauty is.

So, some mutilate or starve themselves in the quest of perpetual beauty.
They gage what is right with them by other’s opinions.
But beauty is subjective.
If you don’t feel beautiful inside, it will show on the outside.

Nature cannot be fooled.
As soon as you stop running,
Nature takes over and you revert to your true form.
You will look like you.

The only way to permanently change the outside is to change the inside.
The only way to change the inside is to look.
In order to see, you have to stop and still yourself.
Then you will truly see you.

Created: Apr 07, 2014


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