Three Golden Forks

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Once upon a time and space,
There was a girl who have a beautiful face,
She was alone and in pain,

The season was spring as her shoes was wet by the rain,
She didn’t realize her wallet fell out of place

There was a boy who was lying in bed on his pillow who is begging for grace,
“My saviour, my faith my life is bitter than a candy,
As I listen through this anime, science won’t come in handy,
O as I wish my life won’t turn in uncanny”

As the girl was crying on the rain,
She decided to go in her house inhumane,

The boy went outside and saw a wallet
“O, I am frolic but I am loyal I shall return this object coloured in scarlet”
The boy went to her house and knocked three times, but no one answered.

He heard a girl weeping,
He came in without a cheerful greeting,
She is hurt, she is crying,
Her left arm was cut by a bloody knife,
“I am weak, I am alone, I don't have a life”
Her right arm carrying a gun aims her head trembling,
The boy was frozen of what was happening,
“Please don’’t threaten yourself, I found your wallet,
I am afraid and alone too so please don’t waste a demonic bullet”

The boy didn’t know what to do, as he know this is his destiny,
The boy grab the gun and the knife steadily,
“What are you doing, why are you here?”
“You are my destiny and you are what I endear”
The boy smiled and kiss her to ease the pain,
The girl got her life again,

As the day pass by, they went out to a place who serves delicious food,
Both of them talked and laugh as they were in a happy mood,
The guy showed her three golden forks,
To give her an award,
“Oh my, thank you but why?”
The tip of the fork represents the overcomed pain,
The gold represent your new life you obtain,
“But why three forks?”
The boy showed the back of the three forks and it gives two letters and a word,
The girl was in a good sport and said “ I, Love, You"

Created: Apr 07, 2014


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