Morton and Liza

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Morton was a lonely lad.  Blue scales and purple claws.  Yellow teeth and orange eyes.  No one would play with him.  Morton was different.  Who could love a monster?

All the other children were happily running and skipping.  Laughing and singing.  But not with Morton.

One day, Morton saw a little girl sitting all alone.  "Should I?  Could I?" he thought.  Slowly, he approached the little lonely girl, and sat quietly beside her.  The girl was quiet for a time.  Eventually, she turned to Morton. 

"Hello.  What's your name?"

Hello?  Morton was confused.  No one had ever said hello to him before.  No one had ever wanted to know his name.

"Are you talking to me?"  Morton pointed at himself.

"Yes, of course."  said the little girl.  "My name is Liza.  It's nice to meet you."

"But, ... I'm a monster!"  replied Morton.

"Yes, I know."  Liza said.  "At my old school, everyone was a monster.  Everyone had blue scales and purple claws.  Yellow teeth and orange eyes.  Everyone except me."  She looked down at her shoes.  "No one would play with me.  I was different."

"I will play with you."  Said Morton, and he took Liza's tiny hand in his. 

She looked up at him and smiled.  Together, they laughed and sang.  They ran and skipped.

And neither of them was lonely, ever again. 

Created: Apr 07, 2014

Tags: friend, different, friendship, monster, story, fiction, prose

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