HerbeRt And Isle (Outline #2)

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Been playing around with some ideas for this ace short film 12.42's developing (HerbeRt & Isle CONCEPT ANIMATION) - here's mine but to be honest there's loads of different directions this story could go in and I strongly advise you all to have a play, it's fun! 

Still imagine this with some kind of lyrical narration...

HerbeRt (the man-robot) pounds along with Isle (the little bird) perched on his shoulder.

HerbeRt is agitated.

Isle reassures him.

She tells him the story she has told him many times before. Of a wondrous place she has seen, where people live free, without fear of persecution and where these fluffy creatures with big ears lollop about your feet.

HerbeRt calms down.

I'm sorry, he says.

It's okay, says Isle. It wasn't your fault.

In the background, in the distance where Herbert and Isle walk from, they leave behind flames and smoke and destruction.

HerbeRt writes his name in the dust with a twig Isle finds.

h e r b e t

Isle takes the twig, corrects his spelling.

h e r b eRt

They set off walking again.

They reach the next town.

HerbeRt is nervous, agitated.

Isle says this time they'll be fine.

The people stare warily at HerbeRt.

They whisper. They mutter. They point.

The Innkeeper is different

He is friendly.

He invites them in and will accept no payment.

The Innkeeper asks where they're heading.

HerbeRt tells him of the wondrous place with the lolloping creatures.

The Innkeeper plants seeds of doubt.

Tells HerbeRt that Isle is trying to con him, that she's not to be trusted.

HerbeRt refuses to believe that.

With Isle asleep, the Innkeeper will prove to HerbeRt that Isle is lying.

He leads HerbeRt to the top of the hill.

It is dark but HerbeRt has a bright light which he shines all around like a searchlight.

Everywhere, in all directions, is dust and desolation.

Where is this fantasy land your bird friend speaks off?

HerbeRt is confused, angry.

Isle, realising what the Innkeeper is up to, flies up the hill but it is too late.

And HerbeRt, in a rage, bats her away.

Isle survives but her wing is damaged and she can no longer fly.

HerbeRt and the Innkeeper walk off.

In the distance there is fire and smoke and destruction.

HerbeRt writes his name

h e r b e t

The Innkeeper urinates on it.

The Innkeeper is not nice. He wants to use HerbeRt to extort money from people.

HerbeRt no longer has a dream.

Isle does not give up.

She follows, she searches, eventually she finds HerbeRt and the Innkeeper.

Isle talks to herbeRt.

I didn't lie, she says.

I saw. There was nothing.

You looked but you didn't see.

The Innkeeper shows his true colours as he tries to stop them.

But HerbeRt and Isle walk up a hill.

And HerbeRt shines his light.

All around, dust and desolation.

Isle points to a place. It is as grey and as desolate as anywhere else.

But there is something different.

It is full of people who look exactly like HerbeRt.

And when he looks at their feet he sees rabbits.

HerbeRt is beside himself but when he turns to Isle she is dead, from exhaustion.

HerbeRt picks up her body and walks.

And walks. And walks.

And eventually he arrives at the wondrous place.

A town where people look exactly like him.

And they don't point or whisper or mutter; they smile.

'What is your name, son?' they asked.

And I drew my name in the dust...

h e r b eRt

Created: Apr 06, 2014

Tags: isle, 12.42, animation, herbet, herbert

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